Chef Cynthia Louise

Early school-leaver, Wholefoods Master Chef, Restaurateur, Entrepreneur, Author, Online Educator

How do you describe a woman is just so all-round awesome? Gutsy. Talented. Passionate. A bit of a rebel…and that’s just for starters.

Chef Cynthia Louise decided early in life that school wasn’t for her and followed her intuition instead.

Now she uses innovation and technology to change people’s lives worldwide, teaching them about the healing power of real food.

When did you leave school and why?

I didn’t really go in the first place, I didn’t hang out at home either, I worked in my dad’s workshop doing odd jobs.

I learnt how to be responsible, how to care for the odd jobs I did. I know now that shaped me into the committed worker I am today. I love working and creating.

Did you do well at school?

I did well by knowing I didn’t belong, I knew that from a young age.

School was not my gig. My parents wanted me to do well. No school meant I had to work.

My parents saw me working in the workshop and when they saw I did very well there, they gave me a job. I loved it.

How did you get to where you are today?

My story is quite interesting actually. I had my own business at 26, a clothing store, and I loved it. I had a strong work ethic, so it was really fun for me.

From there I opened the opposite of that (a fish and chip) shop in Blackmans Bay in Tassie.  I knew how to cook and build a business. After around 8 months, it became clear that eating fish and chips in the cold on a windy beach was not what people wanted. I closed with a heavy heart, tears flowing down my face and went back home to my parents’ place.

I was 35 years old and broke. I had nothing left, except for courage. It was then I decided to do an apprenticeship. This was going to take a whole lot of courage as I needed to go to college to do the theory.

I scored a job in a health retreat with a wage of $5.35hr to get my chefs certificate and became what I am today. It was that little bit of courage that got me over the line.



Job: Entrepeneur, Chef, Restaurateur, Author, Online Educator.

Industry: Food, Communications, Health and Wellbeing.