Our Team

Girls today face more challenges to their self-belief than ever before.

They live in a culture where gender stereotypes are still prevalent and career options are negatively impacted.  The media they consume implies that they can never be smart, beautiful, wealthy, popular and successful enough.

To add to the challenge, strong women are largely absent from the public eye.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

EmpowerGirl does gender equality differently

EmpowerGirl™ a gender empowerment program for Australian schoolgirls that harnesses the power of positive female role models in the workplace. By sharing the stories of their own success, these exceptional women can show young girls a world of possibilities for their future.

Our aim is to put a female face on every type of work, industry and profession so that Australia’s future female leaders are inspired to dream big. Because when we change what they see, we can change their world.

Our unique program takes girls on a journey from the Classroom to the Boardroom by providing:

  • Online access to inspiring role models, from every industry, who share their stories and expand the career aspirations of young girls
  • Direct access to female leaders via Boardroom events, so girls get to see how women behave, lead and contribute to their workplace, industry and community
  • Empowering Projects for Girls – Author and journalist Kath Walters will mentor and assist young girls to interview female leaders and produce our first EmpowerGirl™ book entitled “How did you get there?”
  • EmpowerGirl™ Workshops for Schools – to build girl’s confidence and provide role models to widen career opportunities for girls.

EmpowerGirl team

We’re a group of self-made business owners and social changemakers who have pooled our talents and resources to help girls fulfil their potential. We’re small right now, but we see the possibilities. And we see big things for girls.