See who you can be over a cup of tea

EmpowerGirl and T2 are celebrating International Day of the Girl 2019 by inviting schoolgirls into T2 HQ to hear the story of the amazing women who have revolutionised the tea business in Australia.

Girls from Richmond High School and Sienna College will attend the ‘Diversitea’ event and hear from the amazing female leaders who are responsible for bringing the T2 product to our tables and rolling out the product globally.

The story of T2 began with two courageous women and a single bold idea. From humble beginnings in a teashop in Fitzroy, T2 has grown to be an iconic brand, with over 90 stores across Australia, New Zealand, the US, UK and Asia.

After a tour of T2 HQ, the girls will engage with female executive leaders Amy Smith and Wendy Byrne, who are blazing a trail in sustainable agribusiness, retail, logistics and distribution. They will then meet innovative Tea Sommelier and Developer Michelle McGoff for a hands-on experience in tea brewing.

The girls will see how women behave, lead and contribute to their workplace, industry and community. At the same time, they will be inspired to see the many possibilities for their future careers.

For more information, contact:

Tel: 0411 700 785