Celia Boyd

Entrepreneur / Business Owner

‘Never underestimate yourself’ is the message behind Celia Boyd’s inspiring story. At school, Celia thought she was dumb because she was ‘terrible’ at Maths and Science. She couldn’t have been more wrong. Now she owns two businesses and proudly supports women in Cambodia to become financially self-sufficient.

Celia shares her wisdom on the topics you want to know about.

Being 15 at school:

Very few people I know really knew what they wanted to do when they were at school. No matter what you might want to do when you’re 15, you never know what will happen. It changes as you experience new things.

Qualifications v experience:

Get experience! Everyone thinks that your university degree is the most important thing but the best way to break into a sector is to try and get as much experience as you can.


It takes time and practice to feel confident at work. For a long time I had very little self-confidence. I would get very scared and even cry before I had to do a speech or a pitch for SHE. Now I can speak in front of hundreds of people.

Career advice:

Study what you are really passionate about and you love doing, then figure out how to apply that to help others solve real-life social and environmental problems. You’re only in this world for a minute, so you may as well enjoy it. and do what you can with what you have.

More info – https://www.sheinvestments.com


Industry: Not-for-profit
Job: Entrepreneur / Business Owner