EmpowerGirl – Change what she sees and change her future…

EmpowerGirl is a grassroots gender equality program for young Australian schoolgirls.
We harness the power of female role models who share their stories, dismantle stereotypes
and inspire girls to fulfil their potential.

Partner with EmpowerGirl and you’ll amplify the impact of the women in your organisation
as you empower them to support young girls and their dreams.  Together, we’ll create role
models for girls in every industry in Australia, for every girl in Australia.

Role Models

Our role models share their stories to inspire and transform Australia’s next generation of female leaders.

Pilot Partners

 How your business can make a powerful difference to gender equality in Australia.

School Workshops

We work with young women in schools to build their confidence and give them visible role models, to show how far they can go.

Boardroom Events

We invite girls into the boardroom to meet and engage with your female leaders.  This is the first step in the transformative experience.


Girls face unique challenges as they navigate through life in the 21st Century. Research shows that female role models can inspire them to rise above these and to soar to new heights.

Our Advisors

Expert advisors help us put a” female face” on every type of work, profession and industry.

Research shows …

Research shows that young girls from as young as seven are powerfully motivated by female role models. This type of connection is one of the most effective ways to instil self-confidence and expand their professional aspirations.

The latest Plan International Research (2017) findings showed that 10 to 17-year-old girls perceptions of gender inequality grew as girls got older, while confidence levels and leadership aspirations fell. The study also showed that despite many aspiring to be leaders, around 40% of girls thought gender was the biggest barrier to achieving their goals.

92% of Australian female leaders, cite lack of visible role models as an obstacle to their career progression.  (Women’s Agenda, 2017 Ambition report).

“Young women should know that they can achieve anything and they should have visible role models to show how far they can go. Working with young people, we build their confidence, their excitement and their passion for the future.

Support programs that show students what the workplace looks like and what female professionals, leaders, and yes, CEO’s do in their daily jobs. By standing up and being visible, young women can see their potential and pursue their dreams.”

Marilynn Hewson, Lockheed Martin,
Chairman and CEO

LinkedIn Post, April 2016.