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By partnering with EmpowerGirl™, you enable your own emerging leaders to inspire girls, and your organisation benefits from the ongoing contribution of strong female leaders and their unique talents.

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Something I learnt from the T2 excursion is that I can achieve anything I put my mind to as long as I put myself out there and work hard. After leaving T2 headquarters I could clearly see the large need for more females in business as women bring so many important qualities and skills to the table. This experience empowered me as a girl by introducing me to strong women who have achieved amazing things and showing me that like them, I can also fulfil my dreams and aspirations.

I felt extremely proud to be a girl listening to the women talk about their experiences in business. They spoke about how men had sometimes made them feel less important but they continued to strive to achieve their dreams. This empowered me as a girl because I know how lucky I am to be a girl in society today where women in business are more visible and I have an amazing sisterhood to support me.