Sam Mutimer

CEO TTS Growth Marketing

What do you get when you combine a broken leg, cold and rainy UK skies and a few gin and tonics? A fantastic career opportunity…

Breaking her leg might be the best thing that ever happened to Sam. In 2008 she was loving life as a Rugby Union player for England and a sports teacher living in the UK.

She describes the day her life changed “It was 2008, and a leg that was snapped in half, cold, rainy and grey UK skies combined with a few gin and tonics was the tipping point for me.

It was then that I became aware of the true power of social media and how it plays a role in branding, personal branding and business growth as a whole.

My injury was the best opportunity served up in a long time, and I was determined to take advantage of the time-out. After inviting a few mates over, we filmed, uploaded and published a video on YouTube and then waited. The plan was to get businesses to bid for advertising space on my cast and then we’d paint on the best four bids and give them some online exposure.

The next morning, I couldn’t actually believe what I was seeing. That poorly put together video went viral and received over 27,000 views in a matter of days!

Watching the volume of enquiries flood through justified the value of relevant, engaging, informative or entertaining content and an idea was formed. On returning to Australia, I launched what was then called Thinktank Social, one of Australia’s first ‘niche’ social media agencies

Fast forward to 2020.The business has just turned 11 and we’ve responded to market needs to become TTS, specialising in growth marketing. In my role as CEO, I’ve learned a lot and failed a lot, but with this has come wisdom, a “growth mindset and attitude” and my dream client base.

I believe that anything is possible if you have the burning passion to execute on your dream, the right attitude, self-belief/awareness, good people surrounding you, massive action and HARD WORK!”

What inspired you to get into social media?

When social media was just beginning I thought wow! What’s is this lark? Why are people doing this and how? Soon I got to 27K followers, and I saw an opportunity to grow and make money. I like being out of my comfort zone and my years in sport helped me with this.

What are some of the things you do at work?

At TTS, we grow brands through education, strategy, creativity and partnerships. Personal branding space is a passion of mine that goes with the job. As a CEO, it’s incredibly important for me to be visible, educating the market with innovative ways to enhance people and business growth and most importantly, leading my team in developing their own personal brands.

Do you have any advice on overcoming fear and especially fear of failure?

Yes, feel confident and certain of yourself, be in the moment. Feel the fear in your gut as a motivation. Sport gave me the drive to push through the fear. My advice is to fail forward. Fail to get better.

How did you become successful?

I had no expectations, I just wanted to change, move forward, see what happens, take the next logical step. I believe in saying yes to opportunity, even without expertise, even if you’re not sure you can do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just give it a go. Keep learning and keep the momentum going. I always think “If I didn’t do it, someone else would – and I wouldn’t like that!”

What do you love about your work?

Rescuing businesses for my clients. Empowering people and giving them the confidence to take a different path. I love showing people how to grow and be open to possibilities, and growing with them at the same time. If you’re always growing, you’re succeeding.

How do you grow?

By knowing myself and my core values. Focusing on innovation, change and growth. Stay connected with yourself, stay in your lane and focus on what you’re good at. Accept you’re not good at everything. Failing at maths? If you want to, you can fix it. Ask yourself what you like to do.

What advice do you have for girls on social media?

  1. Expect to be pulled down, be bullet-proof. It’s your opinion of yourself that counts.
  2. Ask yourself why you’re sharing – is it ego, for you?
  3. Give people real value by being the best version of yourself. Don’t just follow others blindly.
  4. Know yourself. You are unique and powerful.



Job: CEO
Industry: Marketing. Communication