Rugare Gomo

Meet the amazing Rugare Gomo, a high-performance coach and passionate advocate for women’s rights.

Aged just 16, in a bid to finish his secondary education, he asked family and friends in Australia to sponsor his relocation from Zimbabwe.

Inspired by his grandmother, who was a passionate advocate for education, he went on to finish his tertiary studies and build a life in Australia.

“One of my proudest achievements is founding the Gomo Foundation to provide education for young women in Zimbabwe. I want to use my life for the social, political and economic equality of women in society. My grandmother was denied an education, and my mother was only allowed to pursue a certain profession. Yet it’s the women in my life that have allowed me to have the opportunity I have today.

I strive to share my authentic self, warts and all with my community. For example, I used to be terrified of coming out as a gay black man because being gay is illegal in Zimbabwe. Even though I live in Australia now, I was still scared to come out. Now, I help people with limiting beliefs to be free – whether that’s around their sexuality, their skin colour, their gender identity or anything else.

My career advice for girls is to learn from those who have come before you but do it your own way. There’s no one else like you.”

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Industry: Communication
Job: High Performance Business Coach and Founder Gomo Foundation