Jess Longley

Student and Entrepreneur

Partner – Short Street Kitchen

Multi-talented Jess used to be a vet, but these days she’s a partner in a business that teaches workshops on natural, healthy living and eating. She’s also studying a Master of Public Health. Jess says it was her supportive partner, family and friends who encouraged her to leave her job as a vet and follow her heart in a new career.

What work do you do?

I’m a former veterinarian, now in a partnership business teaching workshops on natural, simple and healthy living and eating while studying a Master of Public Health.

When you were at school did you know what work you wanted to do?

Not at all! I still don’t know what I want to do and I am 30!

How did you get started?

Cooking, designing recipes and learning about natural, healthy living were personal interests of mine, so I spent a lot of time researching these areas. Luckily my mum has the same interests and a long background in these areas, so we joined forces and started planning ways we could deliver our knowledge to others in a fun and informative way. My time at uni gave me some great skills in collating and condensing information from reputable sources.

What do you love most about your work?

Knowing I am prepared and organised for a workshop, trusting in the knowledge I have and being able to answer customers questions accurately. Being able to inspire people to make some simple changes that will improve their life.

What was your biggest ‘fail’ so far?

I took a very long time (too long) to finally work up the courage to quit my job as a vet, even though it was making me extremely unhappy. However, it was not until I did it that the inspiration to develop Short Street Kitchen really flourished and I had the time to put into it.

What’s been your biggest accomplishment?

When we began to fill up our workshops with customers who were strangers (not friends of friends that were supporting us!).

Who helped you get to where you are today?

A very supportive partner, family and friends who encouraged me to do what was best for my mental health and happiness.

How has technology changed your industry in the last 5-10 years?

Social media plays a huge role in our business as we can post photos and information. This often translates into bookings as people are curious and get a taste of what we offer. Bookings are made through a third-party organisation which I can keep track of via an app on my phone.

What advice would you give young girls thinking about a career in your industry?

It’s a fast-growing industry, so it helps to find a unique way to stand out from the crowd.

Industry: Catering
Job: Student & Entrepreneur