Maria Antwan

Project Manager

She traded nail polish for floor polish and exfoliation for excavation. Maria worked in the beauty industry for almost a decade before she made the brave leap into construction.

Now she runs a small building company with her partner. “Construction is the last place I thought I’d be” she says, “but I’m so happy I’ve ended up here.”

“In 2019, I attended a conference at one of Australia’s most well-known construction associations.

I felt so uncomfortable because in 2019, in a world where women can work in any industry they choose, I was the only female there! As I sat through that meeting, all I could think was, where are all the women?

Since then, I’ve become an unofficial ambassador for women in construction, helping other girls and women be a part of this great industry.

I’m passionate about it, because girls don’t usually consider construction as a career, yet there are many different roles in the industry that suit just about anyone.

For the most part, I don’t think being a woman has stopped me from achieving my goals.

There are obstacles that everyone must face in any career, but I refuse to believe that being a woman is going to stop me. Overall, I think my industry is moving in a positive direction, but it’s still really important to support women in industries where they are under-represented.”



Industry: Project Manager
Job: Construction