Frankie Clarke

Lead Singer of Frankie and The Studs

She’s the lead singer of the LA rock ‘n’ roll band, Frankie and the Studs. And she’s Hollywood royalty – her Dad is Gilby of Guns N’ Roses, no less. But make no mistake, Frankie is her own woman. And she wants to use her music to help empower women to unleash the power within.

Frankie wasn’t always confident,  in fact she was the opposite. “Growing up in school, I was always “the shy kid” .. painfully shy. If you had asked me when I was a kid, if I would be the lead of my own band I would have said ‘that will never happen.’ I liked to play guitar in the background and shy away from everyone, but now I am a front person and that’s something I never thought I would say.

Music makes me feel confident and it helps me express my emotions. You could say my stage personality is my alter ego. When I put on my stage outfit it feels like I’m putting on a superhero costume. It makes me feel so confident to be able to do what I love to do and to express myself freely like that.”

She describes recent single “(Not Your) ‘Victim’ as “a song inspired by the inherent strength women possess.”

“We can never have enough reminders of our innate superpowers as women. Women supporting women is a powerful force to be reckoned with and this song reminds us to do just that.”

“I’ve always thought of myself as one of the boys. I’ve never thought for a second that because I’m a girl, that should change anything. I do hope that it’s empowering to see a female frontwoman.

I know Joan Jett has always been my inspiration growing up. I just loved how she didn’t give a shit. She was rejected by every label, yet her single went number one. I think the music industry is always changing, so I’m hopeful. I’m encouraged by all the great and powerful female artists of today.”

“As women, we like to compare ourselves to one another and I think it’s amazing to find inspiration in other women. Women supporting other women is one of the most empowering things that exists.

When we compare ourselves to one another, or anyone really, it doesn’t do us any favours. So find inspiration in other women and in anything that you love, but don’t compare yourself because you are your own person. You will get where you need to be when you need to be there.

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Job: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Makeup Artist
Industry: Music, Entertainment