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Change what she sees and change her future …

Little girls have big dreams. But as they get older, it’s harder and harder to sustain them. The demands of social media, the pressures of growing up in the 21st century and enduring gender stereotypes all chip away at her dreams – and her self-esteem.

It’s time to break down gender stereotypes and barriers and empower our little girls so they can grow into powerful women. Starting with the ones who are already close to you.

EmpowerGirl™ is a completely new and different type of gender empowerment program. Starting at the grassroots, this program is for you if you already support gender diversity, but you want to take a different path.

We start young, before little girls begin to shut down their imaginations and limit what’s possible.

By transforming what young girls see – from classroom to boardroom – we aim to change their young lives and at the same time, transform your  organisation from within.

The EmpowerGirl™ program harnesses the power of positive female role models that are already in your workplace. By sharing the stories of their own success, your female leaders can teach young girls to dream big and imagine a world of new possibilities for their future.

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Change what they see, and change their world.

Join the movement for change by helping to create the next generation of female leaders and leaving a legacy of empowerment for young girls.

When you partner with EmpowerGirl™, you enable your own leaders to become role models and show girls what they can achieve. Your organisation benefits from an immediate change in culture and from the ongoing contribution of strong female leaders with their unique talents

When you empower girls, everyone wins.

  • Girls get to see the possibilities for their own future, so they feel confident, connected, and powerful.
  • Role models see how influential they can be for young girls and the impact of sharing their own stories.
  • Your organisation becomes empowered from within and the workplace is transformed for future generations of women.

How your business can make a powerful difference

Inspiring girls on the journey from classroom to boardroom

1. Demonstrate what’s possible

Training for Role Models for Girls

We help your organisation to identify and train powerful role models, so they can share their story, build up their own profile and start changing the lives of young girls.

2.  Help them see what’s possible

Boardroom Events for Girls

Celebrate UN Designated Day of the Girl Child in October 2018 by inviting your employees’ daughters into the boardroom to meet and engage with your female leaders. This is the first step in the transformative experience.

3. Show what’s possible

Inspiring Video Content for Girls

We’ll help you to showcase how female leaders contribute to your organisation, your industry and the broader community with video content that  inspires girls to see what’s possible.

Then we’ll create even more change by using the content for EmpowerGirl™ online platforms, social media and workshop presentations to inspire and motivate girls Australia-wide.

4.  Reveal what’s possible

Empowering Projects for Girls

Uncovering the story of one woman’s success is a powerful way to inspire big dreams and reveal the superpowers that every girl has inside her. As part of your package, one girl from the boardroom lunch will work with journalist Kath Walters to interview your female leader and contribute a chapter to the  first EmpowerGirl™ book “How did you get there?”

5.  Share what’s possible

Empowering Workshops for Girls

Host an EmpowerGirl™ gender equality workshop at the school of your designated ‘girl editor’, assisted by your EmpowerGirl™ Role Model Ambassador. After the workshop, ten copies of the inspirational book “How did you get there?” will be gifted to the school on behalf of your organization.

Do Diversity Differently

Partner with EmpowerGirl™ and you’ll amplify the impact of the women in your organisation as you empower them to support young girls and their dreams. Together, we will create role models for girls in every industry in Australia, for every girl in Australia.

Call Georgie Ondaatje on 0411700785 or email at georgieo@empowergirl.com.au, to find out how your organisation can get involved.